Hyper Tough 70PCS 20V Max Cordless Drill Set – AQ90193G

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Unleash your DIY potential with the Hyper Tough 70PCS 20V Max Cordless Drill Set. Achieve precision and control while tackling a wide range of projects. Get the comprehensive tool set you need to succeed. Buy now and power up your projects!

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Power and Versatility for Any Project

Unleash your DIY potential with the Hyper Tough 70PCS 20V Max Cordless Drill Set. This remarkable tool offers unmatched power and versatility, making it an essential companion for all your projects. With a 20V Max lithium-ion battery, this cordless drill delivers long-lasting performance, ensuring that you’re always ready to tackle any task with ease.

The drill’s powerful motor generates high torque, allowing you to effortlessly drive screws, drill holes, and perform various applications. From assembling furniture to hanging shelves or even building a custom project, this cordless drill is designed to handle it all. The lightweight and ergonomic design ensure comfortable operation, reducing fatigue and enabling you to work for extended periods without strain.

Precision and Control for Perfect Results

When it comes to achieving precise and accurate results, the Hyper Tough Cordless Drill Set shines above the rest. Equipped with variable speed control, you have the power to adjust the drilling speed to match the requirements of each task. This feature enables you to work with different materials, ensuring clean and professional outcomes every time.

The keyless chuck design allows for quick and effortless bit changes, saving you valuable time and energy. Whether you need to switch between drill bits or screwdriver bits, the Hyper Tough Cordless Drill Set makes it a breeze. The integrated LED light illuminates your work area, ensuring visibility even in dimly lit environments, so you can work with confidence and precision.

Comprehensive Set for All Your Needs

The Hyper Tough 70PCS 20V Max Cordless Drill Set provides everything you need to tackle a wide range of projects effectively. This comprehensive set includes an array of drill bits, screwdriver bits, and other essential accessories. From wood and metal drilling to screwdriving and fastening, this versatile set has you covered.

With the included carrying case, you can keep all your tools organized and easily transport them wherever your projects take you. This convenience allows you to work efficiently and focus on what matters most—getting the job done to perfection. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting your journey, the Hyper Tough Cordless Drill Set equips you with the tools to succeed.


Additional information


Combination,Electric Drill,Electric Screwdriver

Brand Name

Hyper Tough

Assembled Product Weight

2.6 lb


Steel 50% LI-ION 20% Plastic 20% Copper 2.5% Rubber 2.5%

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

7.87 x 13.78 x 10.63 Inches

Power Source

Battery Powered, Easy Storage

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