Greenworks Grass Shears 10 Amp

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Discover the power and precision of Greenworks Grass Shears 10 Amp. Effortlessly trim your lawn with superior cutting performance. Enjoy comfort, control, and versatility. Transform your lawn today. Buy now for professional results!

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Effortless Precision Cutting

Are you tired of the hassle of trimming your lawn manually? Look no further than the Greenworks Grass Shears 10 Amp! Experience effortless precision cutting that will transform the way you maintain your lawn. With its advanced features and superior performance, these grass shears will make your lawn care routine a breeze.

Unleash the Power of 10 Amp

The Greenworks Grass Shears 10 Amp packs a powerful punch, delivering exceptional cutting performance with every use. Its 10 Amp motor provides ample power to tackle even the toughest grass and weeds. Say goodbye to straining your hands and wrists with traditional shears. Let this remarkable tool do the hard work for you, effortlessly trimming your lawn to perfection.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Control

Designed with your comfort in mind, the Greenworks Grass Shears 10 Amp features an ergonomic handle that ensures a comfortable grip throughout your trimming session. The lightweight construction reduces fatigue, allowing you to maneuver with ease. Take full control over every cut, ensuring precise and clean lines, whether you’re trimming edges or shaping your shrubs. Achieve a professional finish without breaking a sweat.

Versatile and Convenient

The Greenworks Grass Shears 10 Amp is not limited to just grass cutting. With its versatile functionality, this tool is a multi-purpose solution for all your trimming needs. Switch between horizontal and vertical cutting modes effortlessly, enabling you to reach those hard-to-access areas with ease. Trim around flower beds, walkways, and fences with precision, leaving your lawn looking neat and well-maintained.

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Power Source

Corded Electric


Grey & Green

Item Weight

9.9 Pounds

Cutting Width

1800 Inches

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Greenworks Grass Shears 10 Amp

$ 70.22$ 104.22 inc. Tax (-33%)

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