TELESIN Universal Car Phone Holder Suction Cup 360° Adjustable SJCAM Mobile Phone

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Discover the TELESIN Universal Car Phone Holder, your ultimate companion for stable and versatile shooting. Capture breathtaking footage with strong suction and double ballhead rotation. Experience innovative bionic frog palm design and effortless operation.

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Stable and Versatile Shooting Experience

Strong Suction for Unwavering Stability

The TELESIN Universal Car Phone Holder offers exceptional stability for your shooting needs. Its strong suction cup firmly attaches to various surfaces, providing a secure grip that keeps your device in place even during high-speed movements. No more worrying about your phone or action camera falling off and getting damaged. With this reliable suction cup, you can focus on capturing breathtaking moments without distractions.

Double Ballhead for Limitless Shooting Angles

Say goodbye to limitations when it comes to capturing your favorite shots. The TELESIN Car Phone Holder features a double ball head deball head that allows for 360° rotation, giving you the freedom to adjust the angle and position of your device effortlessly. Whether shooting from a low angle or a gradevantage point, this versatile feature ensures you can achieve the perfect perspective for your creative vision.

Broad Compatibility for Phones and Action Cameras

Don’t let compatibility issues hinder your photography or videography aspirations. This universal car phone holder is designed to accommodate a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, GoPro, Insta360, Osmo Action, SJCAM, and more. With its adjustable 1/4 adapter, you can easily mount your preferred device and embark on confidently our shooting adventures with confi what equipment you have; this holder has got you covered.

Innovative Design and Effortless Operation

Bionic Frog Palm Design for Enhanced Stability

Experience the next level of stability with the TELESIN Universal Car Phone Holder’s unique bionic frog palm design suction cup. Inspired by nature, this innovative feature maximizes the surface area in contact with the mounting surface, ensuring a superior grip. It’s like having a strong and reliable partner that holds your device securely, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning visuals without any worries.

Simple Installation and Easy Operation

Simplicity meets efficiency with the TELESIN Car Phone Holder. It boasts a hassle-free installation process, requiring no complex tools or technical expertise. You can securely attach the suction cup to your desired surface within moments and start shooting. Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface ensure a seamless operation, making it suitable for beginners and professionals. Get ready to elevate your photography game without any unnecessary complications.

Compact and Portable for On-the-Go Adventures

Designed with convenience, the TELESIN Car Phone Holder is incredibly compact and portable. When folded, it’s no more significant than the significance of your palm, making it the perfect travel companion. Whether going on a road trip, exploring the outdoors, or simply capturing moments, this holder easily fits in your bag or pocket. Never miss an opportunity to capture breathtaking footage, no matter where you are.

Unleash Your Creativity with Heavy-Duty Performance

Secure Filming Work with Impressive Weight Capacity

When it comes to filming, security is paramount. The TELESIN Universal Car Phone Holder provides peace of mind with its heavy-duty construction and exceptional carrying capacity of up to 10kg. Whether shooting intense action sequences or conducting professional filming projects, this holder ensures your device remains safe and steady. Focus on your creative vision and let this reliable companion handle the rest.

Record Your Travel Life in Style

Unleash your wanderlust and document your travel adventures like never before. By fixing the suction cup in your car, you’re ready to capture every exciting moment along the way. From scenic drives to road trips with friends, the TELESIN Car Phone Holder allows you to record your travel life exactly as preciselyision it is. Don’t let these extraordinary memories fade away. Embrace the joy of storytelling and relive your experiences through stunning visuals.

Elevate Your Photography and Videography Game

With the TELESIN Universal Car Phone Holder, the possibilities are endless. This versatile accessory opens up a world of creative opportunities, enabling you to experiment with unique angles, perspectives, and compositions. Whether you’re a professional photographer, videographer, content creator, or simply an e, this holder empowers you to take your craft to new heights. Unleash your creativity and capture captivating moments that leave a lasting impression.

Additional information


Nylon+Fiber stainless steel


Mecha+Bionic frog palm design


1.Strong suction make shooting more stable.

2.Double ballhead 360° rotation.Can achiebe various angles of shooting requiements.

3.Bionic frog palm design suction cup.

4.Simple installation and easy operation.

5.Carrying weight up to 10kg,heavy duty and secure for filming work.

6.Folded size is only the size of the palm easy to carry to for outside travel.

7.Fix the suction in your car,ready to record your travel life as you like.

8.Wide compatiblity for phones and action camera.

9.Gravity Expansion

10.For Gopro

11.For Action camer

Package include

1 x General suction cup mount

1 x Phone Clip

1 x 1/4 adapter

1 x Long screw

1 x Manual

1 x Cleaning cloth

1 x Packaging box





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TELESIN Universal Car Phone Holder Suction Cup 360° Adjustable SJCAM Mobile Phone

$ 37.99 inc. Tax

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