TOMSHINE LED Daylight Lamp 20000 Lux Cool & Warm

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Experience the perfect balance of cool and warm illumination with the TOMSHINE LED Daylight Lamp. Enhance productivity, transform your environment, and enjoy the sleek design of this 20000 Lux LED lamp. Illuminate your world today!

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Experience Brightness Anytime, Anywhere

Enhance your surroundings with the TOMSHINE LED Daylight Lamp, a versatile lighting solution that brings the perfect balance of cool and warm illumination to your home, office, or any space you desire. With its powerful 20000 Lux output, this lamp delivers a captivating brightness that will uplift your mood and transform your environment.

Discover the convenience and functionality of this LED daylight lamp. Whether you need a focused beam for reading, studying, or working, or a warm and cozy glow for relaxation, this lamp offers you the flexibility to choose from various light intensities and color temperatures. Its adjustable settings ensure you have the optimal lighting experience to suit your needs, providing the ideal ambiance for every situation.

Energize Your Productivity with Optimal Lighting

Unlock your true potential and increase your productivity with the TOMSHINE LED Daylight Lamp. Its cutting-edge technology replicates natural daylight, allowing you to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Say goodbye to eyestrain, fatigue, and lack of concentration caused by inadequate lighting.

This lamp is designed to provide the perfect balance between brightness and comfort. The cool light setting stimulates your senses and boosts your energy levels, making it ideal for tasks that require utmost concentration. On the other hand, the warm light setting creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a long day or creating a cozy environment for relaxation.

Sleek Design and Premium Quality

Elevate your space with the modern and elegant design of the TOMSHINE LED Daylight Lamp. Its sleek and slim profile fits seamlessly into any interior decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Crafted with high-quality materials, this lamp not only enhances your visual experience but also ensures durability and longevity.

Featuring an adjustable arm and head, you can effortlessly direct the light exactly where you need it most. Whether you want to illuminate a specific area or create a diffused glow across the room, this lamp provides flexibility and adaptability to suit your preferences.

Additional information





Light Source


Light Intensity

Warm white light: 56900LUX
Warm light: 49200LUX
Cold light: 47300LUX

Lamp Bead Color temperature


Package List

1 * Phototherapy Lamp(EU Plug)
1 * User Manual
1 * Power Adapter

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TOMSHINE LED Daylight Lamp 20000 Lux Cool & Warm

$ 40.93$ 69.93 inc. Tax (-41%)

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