DREAMBURGH Light Therapy Lamp 10000 Lux LED

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Experience the power of light therapy with the DREAMBURGH Light Therapy Lamp. Combat seasonal affective disorder, enhance productivity, and improve sleep. Elevate your mood and energy levels. Get yours now and enjoy brighter, more vibrant days.

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Beat the Winter Blues and Boost Your Mood

Experience the Power of Light Therapy

Are you tired of feeling down and low on energy during the dark winter months? Introducing the DREAMBURGH Light Therapy Lamp 10000 Lux LED, your ultimate solution to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and rejuvenate your mind and body. Harnessing the power of 10,000 lux of bright light, this therapy lamp mimics natural sunlight, providing a revitalizing boost to your mood and overall well-being.

Enhance Your Productivity and Focus

Supercharge Your Productivity with Light Therapy

When your work or study routine demands long hours indoors, it’s easy to feel sluggish and unfocused. Say goodbye to productivity slumps with the DREAMBURGH Light Therapy Lamp 10000 Lux LED. Designed to simulate the sun’s energizing rays, this lamp helps regulate your body’s internal clock, optimizing your circadian rhythm. By enhancing your focus and concentration, it enables you to accomplish more tasks efficiently and effectively, leading to greater success in your endeavors.

Better Sleep, Brighter Days

Wake Up Refreshed and Energized

Do you struggle with sleep disturbances or find it challenging to wake up feeling refreshed? The DREAMBURGH Light Therapy Lamp 10000 Lux LED is here to transform your sleep patterns and improve your mornings. By using the lamp in the morning, it signals your body to naturally reduce melatonin production, making it easier to wake up. Additionally, this therapy lamp helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, ensuring a restful night’s sleep and leaving you ready to conquer each day with renewed energy.

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White, Brown


Light Therapy Lamp





Color temperature


Timing mode

15/30/45/60 minutes

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Packing included

1 * LED Light Therapy Lamp.

1 * Support Bracket

1 * USB Type-C Cable

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DREAMBURGH Light Therapy Lamp 10000 Lux LED

$ 40.90$ 69.90 inc. Tax (-41%)

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