Logitech POP Bluetooth Keyboard & Mice – Purple

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Logitech POP KEYS TTC Bluetooth Keyboard Mic for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The keyboard uses reliable TTC mechanical switches. POP KEYS has microphone. USB-rechargeable keyboards last two months. The keyboard’s smartphone/tablet slot simplifies typing. Bluetooth keyboard buttons swap devices. Multi-device users may use the Logitech POP KEYS TTC Bluetooth Keyboard Mic.

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Seamless Connectivity and Versatile Control

Upgrade your work setup with the Logitech POP Bluetooth Keyboard & Mice. This powerful combination offers seamless connectivity to your devices via Bluetooth, eliminating the hassle of wires and cords. Whether you’re using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the Logitech POP Keyboard & Mice effortlessly pair and adapt to your devices, providing a versatile and convenient control experience. Enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity and take charge of your productivity with ease.

Comfortable Typing and Precise Navigation

Experience a new level of comfort and precision with the Logitech POP Bluetooth Keyboard & Mice. The keyboard features expertly designed keys with optimal key travel, delivering a satisfying and responsive typing experience. The mice are engineered with precision tracking technology, ensuring smooth and accurate cursor control. With their ergonomic designs and intuitive layouts, both the keyboard and mice provide effortless typing and navigation, reducing strain on your hands and enhancing your overall comfort during long work sessions.

Enhanced Productivity with Customizable Features

The Logitech POP Bluetooth Keyboard & Mice are equipped with features that enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. The keyboard offers customizable function keys, allowing you to assign your preferred shortcuts for quick access to frequently used commands. The mice provide programmable buttons, giving you the flexibility to personalize your navigation experience. Seamlessly switch between devices with the multi-device pairing capability, enabling you to effortlessly transition between typing and navigating on different devices. With their sleek and modern designs, the Logitech POP Keyboard & Mice not only elevate your productivity but also add a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

Additional information

Full Size keyboard


Wrist Support







Windows Pad Android IOS

Wireless range

10 m

Operation Style


Keyboard Standard

85 Keys


Bluetooth Wireless


Logitech POP KEYS Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Feature 2

Bluetooth keyboard

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Logitech POP Bluetooth Keyboard & Mice - Purple

$ 172.54 inc. Tax

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