CORUSCATE 43 Inches Gaming Desk Y-Shaped

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Experience gaming like never before with our 43 Inches Gaming Desk. Stay organized, immerse yourself in style, and conquer your gaming battles. Elevate your gaming experience today!

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Spacious Design for Maximum Gaming Comfort

Welcome to the ultimate gaming experience with our 43 Inches Gaming Desk Y-Shaped Metal Frame Gaming Desk. Designed with your gaming comfort in mind, this desk offers a spacious and ergonomic workspace that enhances your gaming performance. With its generous dimensions and Y-shaped metal frame, you’ll have ample room to place your gaming essentials, from your large gaming monitor to your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.

The Y-shaped metal frame not only provides exceptional stability but also adds a touch of modern style to your gaming setup. Crafted with durability in mind, this desk ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to focus on your gaming adventures without any distractions.

Organize and Conquer with Smart Features

Stay organized and conquer your gaming battles with the smart features of our 43 Inches Gaming Desk. Equipped with a built-in cup holder and headphone hook, this desk keeps your gaming area clutter-free, ensuring that you have everything you need within arm’s reach. Say goodbye to spilled drinks and tangled cords with the convenience offered by these thoughtful additions.

The cup holder provides a secure spot for your favorite beverage, allowing you to stay hydrated and energized during intense gaming sessions. The headphone hook keeps your headphones easily accessible, preventing them from getting tangled or damaged. These features not only enhance your gaming efficiency but also contribute to a clean and organized gaming environment.

Immerse Yourself in Style and Functionality

Experience gaming like never before with the 43 Inches Gaming Desk’s captivating design and functionality. The sleek red finish adds a vibrant touch to your gaming space, creating an atmosphere of energy and excitement. Let the bold color inspire you and ignite your passion for gaming.

Designed to accommodate all your gaming peripherals, this desk features a dedicated cable management system that keeps your wires neat and tidy. Say goodbye to cable chaos and enjoy a clutter-free gaming area that allows you to focus solely on your gameplay.

With its sturdy construction and attention to detail, this gaming desk provides the perfect platform for your gaming adventures. Unleash your full potential and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities.

Additional information



Desktop Dimensions

43.3" W × 23.6" D

Package Dimensions

46.26" L × 4" W × 27.36"H

Overall Dimension

43.3"W × 23.6"D × 29.5"H

Gamer-Friendly Design

The desk will come with a cup holder, a headphone hook and a full mouse pad which make this desk a multi-functional workstation. It provides you a more convenient gaming and working environment.
Gaming Handle Rack: Metal gaming handle rack can withstand more weight of electronic equipment, such as a phone, ipad and gamepad.

Large Carbon Fiber Surface

Tactile carbon fiber surface of the 43.3"(W) x23.6" (D) desktop can support more than a 40-inch monitor, a mouse and a keyboard, the desk can also provide you plenty place for your hands and other electronic equipment.

Sturdy Y-shape Base

Y-Shape legs and high quality metal can be more stable and more sturdy when you working or gaming which is very important for a gamer.

About This product

The Lacoo Y-shaped durable metal frame gaming desk is a good choice for you to buy. This desk can be very stable and steady which is super important for a gamer. It comes with a full piece of mouse pad, a headphone hook, a gaming handle rack and a cup holder, which is very convenoient for placing your electronic equipments. Spacious carbon fiber surface can hold all you electronic equipment up as well as your hands. Moreover, the carbon fiber desktop can better resist corrosion and oxidation. Just buy it for a better gaming experience.





Max Capacity

220 LBS


Please loosen all the screws before you put the desk all together. After you put the desktop on the Y-shape base, you can tighten all the screws. It will be more efficient.

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CORUSCATE 43 Inches Gaming Desk Y-Shaped

$ 140.05 inc. Tax

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