Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks

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Discover the Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks – the ultimate solution for efficient, space-saving, and eco-friendly laundry drying. Double your drying capacity with this durable stainless steel rack. Preserve delicate fabrics, streamline your laundry room, and save energy with this versatile and easy-to-assemble drying solution. Order now and revolutionize your laundry routine!

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Smart Space-Saving Design for Convenient Drying

Efficiency meets style with the Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks. Designed to optimize your laundry routine, this innovative drying solution offers a range of features that will transform the way you dry your clothes.

Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from premium stainless steel, this drying rack ensures long-lasting durability and stability, even when loaded with a substantial amount of laundry.

Two-Tier Configuration: The intelligently designed two-tier system provides ample space for drying multiple garments simultaneously, effectively doubling the drying capacity of your laundry area.

Foldable and Compact: When not in use, the Vebreda drying rack conveniently folds flat, making it easy to store in small spaces such as closets, utility rooms, or under the bed.

Versatile and Adjustable: Each tier can be adjusted independently, allowing you to customize the drying space based on the size and length of your clothing items. From delicate blouses to oversized bath towels, this rack can accommodate it all.

Easy Assembly: With a user-friendly design, this drying rack can be quickly assembled without any tools required, saving you time and effort.

Upgrade your laundry routine with the Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks. Its space-saving design and versatile features make it the ideal companion for any home.

Gentle Care for Your Delicate Fabrics

Preserve the quality of your delicate fabrics with the Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks. Designed with the utmost care for your garments, this drying rack ensures that your clothes retain their shape and texture, while drying them efficiently.

Anti-Wrinkle Design: The specially designed drying rods help to prevent clothes from wrinkling, ensuring that your garments come out looking their best without the need for ironing.

Air Circulation: The open-air design of the drying rack allows for optimal air circulation, facilitating faster and more even drying. Say goodbye to damp and musty clothes.

Non-Slip Feet: Equipped with non-slip feet, this drying rack provides stability and prevents accidental tipping. You can have peace of mind knowing that your delicate items are safe and secure.

Gentle on Fabrics: The smooth and rounded edges of the drying rack prevent snags and damage to your clothes, ensuring that even the most delicate fabrics are treated with care.

Suitable for Various Fabrics: From silk blouses to wool sweaters, this drying rack is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, allowing you to dry your entire wardrobe with confidence.

Experience the gentle care and efficient drying of the Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks. Your delicate garments deserve the best.

Streamline Your Laundry Room and Save Energy

Revamp your laundry room and embrace eco-friendly practices with the Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks. Not only does it provide a practical solution for drying your clothes, but it also offers environmental benefits that will leave you feeling good about your choices.

Energy-Efficient Drying: By harnessing the power of air drying, this rack eliminates the need for energy-consuming dryers, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility bills.

Versatile Placement: Whether you choose to use it indoors or outdoors, the Vebreda drying rack adapts to your needs. Set it up on your balcony, patio, or even in your bathroom for convenient drying all year round.

Multipurpose Functionality: This drying rack is not limited to just drying clothes. It can also be used to air-dry shoes, hats, baby items, and even delicate artwork, making it a versatile addition to your home.

Healthier Indoor Environment: Unlike traditional dryers, which release heat and lint into the air, this rack keeps your indoor environment clean and free from potential allergens, ensuring a healthier living space.

Space-Saving Solution: With its compact and foldable design, this drying rack maximizes space utilization, making it perfect for apartments, dorms, and homes with limited laundry areas.

Embrace sustainability and efficiency with the Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks. Upgrade your laundry routine while making a positive impact on the environment.

Additional information


2-layer design gives you ample space for clothes drying and store

20 hanging racks provides you with sufficient space for all your clothes

4 shoe racks allows you to dry your shoes as well

Suitable for balcony, backyard, laundry room, etc.

No need to assemble, which saves much time and effort

Adjustable rack enables flexible adjustment in varied occasions.

Easy adjustment makes the hanging ideal for large room and small room

Sturdy construction has a great load capacity up to 70 lbs

Non-slip feet stand firmly in indoor and outdoor


Black, Silver


Plastic, Steel

Weight Capacity:

70 lbs


61.5'' L x 24'' W x 39'' H

Folded Size:

24'' L x 3.9'' W x 42'' H

Net Weight:

6.2 lbs

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Vebreda 2-Tier Clothes Drying Racks

$ 63.64$ 97.64 inc. Tax (-35%)

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