Hin Beauty NEW Shoes Dryer Machine 42°c Smart – Sterilization Type

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Experience efficient shoe drying with the Hin Beauty NEW Shoes Dryer Machine. Say goodbye to damp and smelly shoes. Sterilize and eliminate odors with ease. Invest in long-lasting shoe care and enjoy fresh, dry shoes every day. Buy now and step into a world of comfort and hygiene!

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Efficient Drying for Odor-Free Shoes

Say goodbye to damp and smelly shoes with the Hin Beauty NEW Shoes Dryer Machine 42°C Smart – Sterilization Type. This advanced shoe dryer is designed to provide efficient and effective drying for your footwear collection. With its innovative technology, it eliminates moisture and prevents unpleasant odors, leaving your shoes fresh and ready to wear.

Experience Fast and Thorough Drying

The Hin Beauty Shoe Dryer Machine uses a powerful yet gentle airflow system to quickly dry your shoes. By circulating warm air at a temperature of 42°C, it accelerates the drying process, saving you valuable time. No more waiting for hours or leaving your shoes out in the sun. With this smart shoe dryer, you can enjoy dry shoes within minutes, ensuring you’re always ready to step out in style.

Eliminate Odors and Bacteria

Say goodbye to the embarrassment of smelly shoes. The Hin Beauty Shoe Dryer Machine not only dries your shoes but also eliminates odors caused by bacteria and fungi. Its sterilization feature kills up to 99.9% of the odor-causing microbes, ensuring that your shoes stay fresh and hygienic. No more unpleasant smells or worries about foot infections. Invest in this smart shoe dryer to maintain optimal shoe cleanliness and keep your feet comfortable and healthy.

Versatile and User-Friendly Design

The Hin Beauty NEW Shoes Dryer Machine 42°C Smart – Sterilization Type is designed with convenience and versatility in mind. It offers a range of features that make it a must-have for every shoe lover.

Universal Compatibility

This shoe dryer is suitable for all types of footwear, including sneakers, leather shoes, boots, and more. With its adjustable shape and size, it accommodates various shoe sizes and styles, ensuring that all your shoes receive the care they deserve. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a fashion-forward individual, or someone who loves the outdoors, this shoe dryer is the perfect companion to extend the lifespan of your favorite pairs.

Smart and Intuitive Operation

Operating the Hin Beauty Shoe Dryer Machine is a breeze. Its smart design allows for easy and intuitive use. Simply insert your shoes, select the desired drying time, and let the machine do the rest. The built-in timer ensures that your shoes are dried to perfection without any risk of overheating. Take advantage of the intelligent features of this shoe dryer and simplify your shoe care routine.

Preserve the Quality of Your Shoes

Investing in the Hin Beauty NEW Shoes Dryer Machine 42°C Smart – Sterilization Type means investing in the longevity and quality of your shoes. This exceptional shoe dryer offers benefits that go beyond drying and sterilizing.

Prevent Damage and Deformation

Excessive moisture can lead to damage and deformation of your shoes over time. With the Hin Beauty Shoe Dryer Machine, you can prevent such issues. By effectively removing moisture from the interior of your shoes, it helps maintain their original shape and structure. Preserve the integrity of your footwear collection and enjoy them for years to come.

Extend Shoe Lifespan

Regularly drying your shoes with the Hin Beauty Shoe Dryer Machine can significantly extend their lifespan. By eliminating moisture and preventing the growth of mold and mildew, it reduces the risk of deterioration and prolongs the freshness of your shoes. Protect your investment and get the most out of every pair.

Additional information



Rated voltage

220 (V)

Rated power

200 (W)

Rated frequency

50 (Hz)

Heating temperature


Constant temperature



1.[360° omnidirectional heating] Dry shoes faster.

2.[90° Folding Design] Easy to carry and store.

3. [120-minute timing] It supports the end of long-term work within 120 minutes, automatic shutdown, and peace of mind for sleep.

4. [42°C intelligent constant temperature] The intelligent constant temperature allows hot air to shuttle inside the shoes, taking away moisture and filling fibers, keeping the inside of the shoes dry and soft, comfortable and not hurting the shoes.

5.[Wide range of application] Suitable for all types of footwear/boots/gloves, especially suitable for shoes that are prone to moisture, such as sports shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, cotton shoes, very suitable for sports people.

6.[Multifunctional] Not only can dry shoes. It can also / dehumidify / protect against cold / keep air dry / dry gloves.

Line length

about 132cm


Approx. 27×17.5x7cm/10.63×6.88×2.76in

Package List

1 x shoe dryer
1 x Manua

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Hin Beauty NEW Shoes Dryer Machine 42°c Smart - Sterilization Type

$ 41.42$ 70.42 inc. Tax (-41%)

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