Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro Pink

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High-quality pink Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro are appealing. These earphones are great.

LP40 Pro speakers are tough. The wire is strong, light, and tangle-free, and the silicone earbuds fit comfortably.

These earphones deliver clear highs and strong bass to any song. Noise-cancellation lets you focus on music or calls.

LP40 Pro headphones have numerous useful functions. They have a microphone and remote for talking and controlling music without using your phone.

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  • Captivating Your Audio Experience with the Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro

    Immerse yourself in a world of superior audio quality with the Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro. Designed to elevate your listening experience, these earphones combine cutting-edge technology with sleek aesthetics to provide a truly exceptional audio solution. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a frequent traveler, or someone who simply enjoys the blissful escape of music, the Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro will surpass your expectations.

    Unleash the Power of Active Noise-Cancellation

    Say goodbye to unwanted distractions and immerse yourself in pure audio bliss. With the advanced active noise-cancellation feature of the Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro, you can create your personal oasis of sound. Whether you’re on a crowded train, working in a bustling cafe, or simply seeking solace in a noisy environment, these earphones effectively block out external sounds, allowing you to fully enjoy your music, podcasts, or calls with crystal-clear clarity.

    Seamlessly Control Your Audio Experience

    Take full control of your audio experience with the Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro. Equipped with convenient volume control, you can effortlessly adjust the sound to suit your preferences. Increase the volume to feel the thumping bass during your intense workout sessions or lower it for a soothing and calming background melody. The power to customize your audio is at your fingertips, ensuring an immersive and tailored experience every time.

    Uncompromised Connectivity with Bluetooth 5.1

    Experience the freedom of wireless audio without any compromise. The Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro feature Bluetooth 5.1 technology, enabling seamless and stable connectivity. Pair your earphones with any Bluetooth-enabled device, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and enjoy uninterrupted audio streaming from up to 33 feet away. Say goodbye to tangled wires and embrace the convenience of wireless audio.

    Product Features:

      • Active noise-cancellation for an immersive audio experience
      • Volume control for customized sound
      • Bluetooth 5.1 for seamless wireless connectivity
      • Support for ACC/SBC HD audio decoding for enhanced audio quality
      • Long battery life of 3-4 hours on a single use
      • Charging compartment with magnetic design for easy and secure storage
      • Type-C interface for fast charging

Additional information

Active Noise-Cancellation


Volume Control


Control Button


Bluetooth Version


Battery Life

3-4 hours in a single use, and the charging compartment can be used 4 times

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Lenovo Earphones LP40 Pro Pink

$ 26.65$ 40.65 inc. Tax (-34%)

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